Freelance Services – Turn your Ideas into a Reality!

Web Developing

Negotiable Pricing

Do you have a vision for a website you’d like to create, but you could use some help with the code and the other technical aspects that come with publishing your own website? Are you looking for someone who can write HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, and more? Send an email with your ideas and we can help get your site up and running!

Book Publishing

Negotiable Pricing

Are you a writer with a manuscript in need of a publisher? Let Great Dad Media do the heavy lifting in order to get your eBook ready for download or your Paperback book ready for print-on-demand distribution! Send us a message about your book to get started…

Curriculum Support

Negotiable Pricing

Are your classroom lessons and summer camp activities ready for kids? Can they use a little work in order to ensure that they are engaging, exciting, and educational? Are they optimized to serve the age-group you teach? Benefit from our experience and make your curriculum the best it can be! Email us today to let us know how we can help.

Online Academy

Examples of our web developing capabilities can be found within the Rogue Saber Academy’s pages. There visitors are able to create and update their own secure user accounts, create icons on an interactive map system, message other users, and more!

Now Available

An example of our paperback and eBook publishing capabilities (including internal formatting, cover art, and ISBN procurement) is found with our recently released “Master the Combat Saber,” available online now for purchase!

Science Club Activities

View examples of our curriculum enhancement with a look into! There you will find lesson plans, slide-show presentations, Teacher support materials, and more!

Major Projects

The Rogue Saber Academy
Master the Combat Saber


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Mr. Burk is a web developer, author, and fencing academy grandmaster. Before becoming the Head Content Creator for Great Dad Media, he spent several years teaching upper elementary students of the American Preparatory Academy and kindergarten students in Pullman, Washington. Mr. Burk is an alumnus of Salt Lake Community College and Washington State University with a number of graduation honors. He is the winner of the Presidential Service Award and enjoys volunteering, star gazing, fossil hunting, jogging, reading nonfiction, retro gaming, and producing online videos.